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A & R Designers is a family corporation that designs and produces an excellent selection of fine Colonial furniture. Our furniture is made on selected hardwoods obtained from the Peruvian highlands because of their long wooden fibers. Nicaragua cedar, European Oregon pine, oak, larch, wood with hundreds of years of aging is used because of its density and resistance. Besides, wood is dried in kilns. The finished product can be exposed to heated and air conditioned environments and it will not rack or wrap.

All this process is entirely hand-made. Highly skilled Peruvian craftsmen make the woodcarvings, forge iron hinges and locks; carve and emboss leather furniture; as well as the paint. Antique iron grills of more than 100 years old, copper, stone and iron, are used to offer very original products.

Before the painting process, each piece of furniture is covered, using the ancient technique of gessoing that was introduced to Peru by European craftsmen. This technique creates a delicate and soft surface for painting.

Painters use pigments that provide durability to each design. Traditional techniques dating from 16 the - 18th centuries are combined with modern technologies developed specifically for this purpose at A & R. These techniques give each product a smooth and delicate appearance as well as resistance and durability for daily use.

All of our pieces are available in any of our different colours and elegant finishing, and can be re-proportioned without loss of design integrity. We also make custom orders.

A & R DESIGNERS CORP. gives the final touches to each piece of furniture, and with patience and the finest taste applies the additional ornaments that are our quality and value seal.